Lorraine Willcock

Lorraine Willcock

“Painting is concerned with all the 10 attributes of sight;  which are Darkness,Light, solidity and colour,form and position, distance and propinquity,motion and rest.           Leonardo Da Vinci”


As explained above is for me my constant joy and constant challenge. Some days I feel sluggish, disinclined to go to the studio,

then I will see a reflected light on a flower or the colour of a birds wing and I have renewed hope to translate that moment into my painting.

Employed as a graphic artist in Melbourne, I  specialised in work to be printed on linen, confined to using only 8 colours. Today the multitude of pastel hues still delights me.


Grace Paleg

Grace Paleg

Grace has 50 years experience in the art world., having studied Graphic Design at Swinburne  and oils with Allan Martin and  Lesley Sinclair of Montsalvat in Victoria. A change to pastel in 1988 was the beginning of a long love affair with the medium. The Grace Paleg fine art Studio Gallery was opened in 1996 at Batemans Bay on the South Coast of N.S.W. and it is from there that Grace continues to teach local students as well as instruct groups who incorporate a holiday with private tuition.

Grace travels widely instructing at workshops and Art Festivals and Societies as well as judging throughout Australia and NZ.

Awards have been many and varied with over 200 prizes including six times best pastel at the Herald Sun Camberwell Rotary art Show, twice the Ming Mckay award ,three times best in show from the Victorian Pastel Society of Australia and recently the major award at our local South Coast Pastel Societies National awards.

She is a regular contributor to the International and Australian Artist Magazines as well as the French  Practique des Arts


Sarah Veitch

 Sarah comes from a very artistic family, her grandmother in New Zealand was an accomplished water colourist. Discovering pastels Sarah a chance to develop her artistic Skills in a medium that provides tremendous scope for experimenting and refining techniques. She is inspired by the natural attractions of the South Coast – national parks, waterways and beaches, bird and animal life.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa was born in Perth and completed her schooling in Canberra. She moved to Melbourne with her husband Peter who spent three years studying sculpture and painting at Phillip Institute. During this time Vanessa worked at La Trobe University and gained a “Diploma” of Art by “proxy”, attending many exhibitions, films and art history discussions.

In 2005, inspired by the work of Grace Paleg, she sought to learn about pastels. Her body of works in pastel of “still life” express her preoccupation with the mix of nature, humanity and the sacred, as experienced in every day life. Her objects sit within a “fruity” light of warmth and shadow.

Jim Chaffey

Training: I have been attending regular classes with master pastel artist Grace Paleg for about eight years. Other artists whose workshops I have attended include Margaret Evans, Leanne Crisp, Paul Margocsy, Ritchey Sealy, Joanne Barby, Nafisa Naomi, Lyn Mellady and others.

Medium: My preferred medium and the one that I use almost exclusively is pastel. I have, however, tried oil and water colour in some of the workshops mentioned. Styles: I enjoy painting still life, landscapes, seascapes and portraits.

Associations: I am a member, and currently Secretary, of the South Coast Pastel Society Inc. I am also a member of the Batemans Bay Arts and Crafts Society Inc.

Neil Hammond


A seachange from Sydney brought Neil and Sarah to Batemans Bay, a home where nature provides constant inspiration for artists. It wasn’t long before they took up pastel painting as a hobby, enjoying the opportunities for learning and exhibiting that the South Coast Pastel Society offers. Neil in particular had used his artistic flair in his work as a signwriter, a skill that he added to by undertaking additional training as a picture framer. He now combines his love of pastel and oil painting with providing framing services for an increasing number of local artists. He continues to be inspired by the natural attractions of the South Coast – national parks, waterways and beaches, bird and animal life.