SCPS National Exhibition 2018 Application

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The South Coast Pastel Society (SCPS) is calling for entries for the

South Coast Pastel Society 3rd National Pastel Exhibition. 

All the relevant Exhibition details are below, including how to enter. The quickest / simplest way to lodge an entry for the Exhibition is Online, CLICK the Application Form TAB above, and fill in the form. If you wish to Mail or Email your Application, click the Options / Other TAB Above.

Entries have closed. Thank you for your interest.

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Exhibition Entry Form

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South Coast Pastel Society National Pastel Exhibition

17 to 27 April 2018

Opening Night Tuesday 17 April


The South Coast Pastel Society (SCPS) is calling for entries for the

South Coast Pastel Society 3rd National Pastel Exhibition.              

Entry into the exhibition will be in two stages:
  1. Entrants to submit an entry form (see below) and non-refundable entry fee for each painting accompanied by digital image/s for pre-selection.
  2. Finalists will then be invited to deliver their actual painting/s for judging and for exhibition in the South Coast Pastel Society National Pastel Exhibition.


Our independent judges will make an initial assessment of each painting based on digital image/s provided. Prior to the exhibition opening to the public, the finalists’ painting/s will be judged by the two independent judges in person. If there are major discrepancies between the original digital image submitted for pre selection and the actual pastel painting delivered for judging, the painting will be removed from the exhibition.


Entrants must submit a digital image of each painting they wish to enter for pre-selection, along with a completed entry form and entry fee.
  • The image must be in JPG format no more than 2 MB in size
  • There should be no symbols (such as : , *’()<>” etc.) in the filename of your image
  • The file name should include the word ‘ENTRY’ your name, the title of the painting and the category (see below), e.g.

ENTRY Danielle Williams Across the River Landscape

Digital images for pre-selection can be submitted in one of the following ways:
  1. By completing the form on our website (see Application Form TAB above)
  2. Emailed via

The Exhibition Coordinator

The South Coast Pastel Society Inc.

PO Box 698

Batemans Bay

NSW 2536

Follow your computer’s instructions to burn images/files onto a disk. Ensure the filename of your entry is written as per the above procedure.


The entry form can be found at our website at in the ‘Events Exhibitions’ section. Alternatively you may request a copy by email at or by phoning 0244713056 Please download/print/fill out the form and send it with the entry form to:

The South Coast Pastel Society Inc.

PO Box 698

Batemans Bay

NSW 2536

Alternatively you can email your entry to ensuring that the file name has the words:

ENTRY FORM and your name. e.g. ENTRY FORM, Danielle Williams.


An entry fee of: $20 SCPS Members. (Note this fee only applies to current member’s) $30 Non Members Is to be paid for each painting submitted for pre-selection. The entry fee is non-refundable. Payment may be made using Direct Debit:

Bank Account Details:

Name:                     South Coast Pastel Society Inc Bank name:         Commonwealth BSB:                          062650 Account No.:       00900923 Please ensure you describe your Direct Debit payment with the words: NPE and Your Name.


  • All entrants will be informed via email/post if their painting/s has made the finals or not by Wednesday 16 March.
  • Finalists are to provide an Artist’s Statement pertaining to their successful entry. It must include the name of the artist, the title of the painting and the price of the painting. This needs to be submitted as a word document with a file name matching the image file name, replacing the word ENTRY with AS e.g.

AS Danielle Williams Across the River Landscapes

and sent by email to: by Friday 2 March.
  • The Artist’s Statement must be in Word formatted using Arial 12 point font, single spacing


The artist is responsible for the delivery/transport of paintings to the exhibition, including cost of courier and appropriate insurance etc. While paintings are in the possession of the SCPS they will be covered by SCPS insurance.
  • Paintings may be delivered by hand to the venue on Sunday 15 April
  • Paintings may be delivered by courier between to: Wednesday 11 April


  1. The painting/s must be produced by your own hand without tutelage or assistance from any other party and not produced during a workshop/lesson with any other person
  2. The painting/s must be at least 75% pastel.
  3. The painting/s must be have been produced within the last 12 months and not previously exhibited.
  4. No more than 3 entries may be submitted by any one artist
  5. No more than 2 entries may be submitted by any one artist in any one category
  6. The digital image/s of the painting/s submitted must be a true and accurate representation of the actual painting/s
  7. Painting/s submitted to the exhibition must be framed to a professional standard, with flat D Rings 10cm below the top of the frame and plastic coated wire or cord.
  8. Paintings must measure no more than one metre square including the frame.
  9. Painting/s must have a label on the back with the artist’s name, name of painting and price
  10. Painting/s may be refused entry at the discretion of the judges if they do not meet one or more of the above requirements
  11. Any paintings left on the premises after 4pm on 27 April may fall under the conditions of the Unclaimed Goods Act.
  12. The paintings may be featured, credited to the artist, on the SCPS website or published in hard copy articles about the Exhibition.


Paintings may be entered into one or more of the following categories. No Artist will be awarded more than one prize.
  1. Landscape
  2. Seascape
  3. Portraiture/Life
  4. Flora/Fauna
  5. Contemporary/Abstract
  6. Still Life/Interiors


Best in Show​​​​​​​​$2000

Framed by Tracey Awards for the best painting by a member of the SCPS$700

First Prize $400, Second $200, Third $100

The Batemans Bay Funerals Award for Landscape​​​​$300

The Capital Chemist Award for Seascape​​​​​$300

The Amandas of Mogo Award for Portraiture/Life​​​​$300

The Batemans Bay Funerals Award for Flora/Fauna​​​​$300

The Tomakin Social Club Award for Abstract/Contemporary​​$300

The South Coast Property Specialist’s Award Still Life/Interior​​$300

A second prize of $100 will be awarded in Categories 1 to 6

The Art Spectrum People’s Choice Award​​​​​  $300

Winners of all categories except the People’s Choice will be announced at the opening of the exhibition.

The People’s Choice winner will be notified at the conclusion of the exhibition.



  1. Artists may not change any of the information submitted in the entry form, including price of the painting
  2. Artists will be informed directly upon the sale of any painting
  3. The South Coast Pastel Society will charge a commission of 25% upon the sale of any painting in the exhibition
  4. Paintings may not be removed from the exhibition for delivery or otherwise until the conclusion of the exhibition


Friday 2 March Closing date for the return of entry forms/digital image submission
Friday 9 March Pre-selection completed
Monday 12 March Finalists notified
Wednesday11 April Final day for delivery of couriered paintings
Sunday 15 April Hand delivery of paintings/set up of exhibition between 11.30 and 12.30
Monday 16 April Judging
Tuesday 17 April Opening of Exhibition
Friday 27 April Close of Exhibition – Pick up of unsold paintings after 4pm
Friday 27 April Return of unsold couriered paintings by arrangement of entrant