Joanna Love

Hello, my name is Joanna Love.

I am a new local artist. My Facebook page is “Love Artistry” if you would like to contact me.

I began drawing when I was crawling, apparently, I would scribble on any scrap of paper around.

I topped my school in Art, and I continued to draw and sketch in my 20’s. At school I loved “William Blake” and mystical creatures. I love fairies, elves, goblins, mermaids etc. I enjoy the thought of these fantasy creatures.

I discovered photography in my 30’s and focussed on images inspired by nature.

I lost all my old artwork in the 2019 New Year’s Eve fires here in Batemans Bay. I tried to re-engage in art therapy to help me process the fires. I tried many different mediums but found out quickly I had lost my ability to draw like I used to. I was getting very frustrated as I kept trying to recreate my lost art. So, in 2023, I decided to join Eurobodalla Photography Club, South Coast Pastel Society and CABBI. My plan was to try a different approach and do some workshops and re-learn about art.

I attended some workshops and still wasn’t finding my groove. Then the Photo group did a monthly beginner’s course and I started learning the technical skills needed to see through the lens differently. I loved this. We did some great social events where I connected with a bunch of people who all loved photography. I felt my photography started to change.

Then through the Pastel Society I attended a “Stephanie Clark” workshop and was blown away with her reckless abandonment of pastel application to paper. I was then able to start to see things differently and started to find a way to “draw” that filled my heart with joy.

I rebought a bunch of books on fantasy creatures, which is what I used to draw. I now use them for inspiration when I touch a medium to paper. I would say I am a mixed media artist.

Please see the photos on this page as they are some of my recent Pastel works. You will find my favourite photography images on my greeting cards.


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