Kathy Smoker

Kathy Smoker

I was born in Goulburn NSW.

I had my first art lessons in the late 90’s and discovered that I loved painting and drawing.  The art classes that I took weren’t really very helpful but I enrolled, in the following years, in some very instructive workshops. I have been inspired by the landscape workshop tutors and by absorbing information in many art instruction books and magazines and looking at the accompanying images, and by viewing paintings in exhibitions.  I also realised early on that, in order to improve my landscape, etc. painting skills, I had to paint outside i.e. plein air.

I discovered life drawing in 2007 by enrolling in a life drawing group and in 2009 I discovered portraiture by enrolling in Sue Cesarini’s portrait group. I have never taken portrait or life drawing classes – I’ve learned by doing it.

I had a severe skin reaction to oil paints and had to stop using them. I had already discovered pastels, which I love using.

I’m never really happy with any of my paintings and I’m always trying to work out how to improve. My aim is, and has been for the last few years, to also ‘loosen up’ my paintings – I’m still trying to do both!

Painting is an essential part of me. I hope to be able to paint for as long as I’m alive – to not be able to do so would be very distressing.

Websites:    www.kathysmokerart.com

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Email Kathy Smoker
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